No access to Chat GPT 4 API (curated topic)

If you paid an invoice for $27.81 on August 2nd then I’d remain hopeful of access in the next few days.

If you mean you had usage of that much on that date, and you didn’t hit $1 on a prior month’s bill, then you might possibly have to wait a month. We’re all kinda guessing, so tough to say.

Support were responsive when I messaged them via the chatbot.

Good luck!

Low and behold I just got the email - yay


As far as I know the payment history has no effect anymore. It was used in the past. So don’t be surprised if next month you still don’t have access or you get it tomorrow.
There simply is no rule you can follow and then complain when you did and still don’t get it.

Imagine a pond full of sharks and sometimes a chicken falls into it.

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For reference, I’ve just got the email and access to the gpt4 model via the API :slight_smile:

I also got the e-mail yesterday (Aug 9), and have since successfully managed to use GPT-4 via the API . So I guess the OpenAI wheels are indeed in motion.

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Thank you guys for the prompt action i got into the GPT 4 API thanks much!

I am in waiting list for several months and now i still don’t have GPT-4 Api. May some magic happen and can I get the access too please?
I promise i will spend money using GPT-4, because GPT-3,5 is much cheaper and i can’t make it quickly enough to get >$1 usage :frowning:

you sure that payment history or usage doesn’t make any difference now?

The most up to date information is here



Exactly. They did that in the past for accounts that did the 1$ payment prior 6th july - but as you can see here in the forum there are many people who made payments after that let’s say on july 10th… and still don’t have it, even when a month is over. So I wouldn’t say that this rule is being looked after.
And since azure just launched their GPT-4 release I bet the resources from the last batch (I mean I am not familiar with how they scale, but I imagine a huge hole in the floor where they throw in GPU power with dump trucks and there are chained networkadministrators like in a galere with drums and stuff and much fire…) might have been used there instead.

Same here… Even if there are ONLY 50 message per 3 hours, still would like to try GPT-4 in Python. Waiting…

Me either and I am paying quite a bit, since April of this year. I can access 3.5 turbo, but that is where is stops. What’s going on. I have also filed an issue without any response back. Please explain.

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I have the same issue I am a paid customer (API) for a few months on a personal account, no gpt-4 access whatsoever.


Same thing. Does anyone know when this might be resolved. I am working on a project and need a GTP 4 API key…

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After all, their announcement regarding the general release of the GPT-4 API was ambiguous and led to misunderstandings among many developers. Moreover, there has still been no official follow-up. While some might defend them citing their rapid growth, it’s a matter that could be addressed with a single blog post, so such an excuse is not valid.


Facing a similar problem (my GPT-4 access was revoked by error, still not returned) I started wondering, is it possible to rent someone else’s GPT-4 key?

I think this article post is quite implicit and covers the points raised :

I’m having trouble understanding. I’ve been a ChatGPT Plus user since the product’s launch, but my API keys don’t provide access to GPT-4. If I use GPT-3 and incur a charge of $1 or more, will that grant me access to GPT-4?

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

The $1 or more announcement was for developers who had created an API bill of at least $1 prior to the announcement on the 6th of July. That has ended and has no bearing on GPT-4 API access being granted now. API access is granted as capacity and load indicate more users are able to be onboarded.

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I’m also a paid user, created my API account 2-3 months ago and still waiting for that letter of happiness. I thought about making a money-spender loop script but as you guys say, it might not be the thing anymore. Darn, it doesn’t look good for me. My app is waiting, but nothing happens.