Newbie here - how do I get the API to refer to a rule book?

OK I am a complete noob here, and I’m trying to get GPT-4o to play a game it’s not super familiar with. I’d like to upload a rule book for it to refer to whenever I send it an API request. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it? I can’t seem to find any documentation that explains that process, or I’m just a complete dummy. Do I need to include the rules as a file with every single API request or can I do it via the dashboard as a one time thing somehow? Thanks!

For persistent behaviors, the most reliable method is to add the text to the instruction of the assistant itself, in a form that is easily understood, where the total can be up to 256 characters in length (about 50k tokens input, which is an overhead of $0.25 per GPT-4o call)

That is high, but favorable to documents which the AI must search, and which it doesn’t know it should search, and where you can’t inspect the quality of text extraction from non-text documents.

The more you can condense the rule text to the vital essence, and how that affects the responses, the better.

It is not enough to supply rules of a game – to the AI, you just provided documentation for a language task. You’ll need to reframe all as conditions of a game the AI conducts.

Then the chat memory is the method the AI has to remember what has happened in turns.

It will tend to just go into random storytelling regardless, becauase AI lacks the attention to ingest all context for every output word it writes.

Reference, here’s a text game, where right from the start, AI ignores a small set of rules including storing game states and presenting options, including more chances of failure.

This was over 17 minutes of only voice interaction (so forgive me thinking up stuff to say), and would be cost-prohibitive if ChatGPT wasn’t footing the bill for AI transformed by unexpected uses of the context they provide.