New Suggestions to implement into ChatGPT

I was thinking that it would be a great feature to have folders in ChatGPT. Users could create folders based on different categories, such as work, school, home, or fitness, to name a few. This would make it easier to organize and find chats related to a particular topic, especially if users have multiple conversations on different subjects.

For instance, if a user has a lot of work-related chats, they could create a folder for work and move all those conversations into that folder. Similarly, if a user has conversations related to fitness or workout routines, they could create a folder for fitness and move those chats into that folder. This would help to declutter the main chat list and make it easier for users to find the chats they need.

In addition, folders would also be useful for users who use ChatGPT for different purposes, such as personal and professional communication. For example, a user could create a folder for personal conversations and another folder for work-related conversations. This would provide a clear separation between the two and make it easier to switch between them when needed.

Overall, adding folders to ChatGPT would be a simple but effective way to improve the user experience, by providing a streamlined and efficient way to manage multiple conversations within the platform.

Btw this was made with chatgpt lol

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