(New?) policies seem to prevent ChatGPT from quoting from any file sent during the same conversation

The topic says it all.

Look at this help article: How does the new file uploads capability work?: “The file uploads capability was created to support the following tasks: …”–I wanted to carefully translate an old German text into more modern German. To do this, I needed a list of obsolete vocabulary, language constructs and phrases that ChatGPT finds in this text; these may also need to be quoted; I need to be able to refer to specific sentences - this kind of activity falls pretty much under what this help article describes, as I understand it, or have I thoroughly misunderstood something - so I uploaded the text to the conversation as a file.

But ChatGPT refuses to quote from it, stating:

“I understand that this can be confusing. The restriction on quoting from uploaded files is related to user content handling and privacy policies. Even if the file has been made available in the current context of the conversation, my ability to quote directly from it is limited. This applies regardless of the length of the text or the format of the file.”

Consequently, exactly what the help article says (e.g. 3.b: “Pull out relevant quotes from a document”) can no longer be done, although it was still possible a few days ago.

I don’t understand user content handling and privacy policies that prohibit quoting from a file that was only uploaded in the scope of the current conversation.

Can anybody help?