New models and developer products announced at DevDay

As a heads up, if you ask the model about things that have happened after the cut-off date and you have not supplied additional context, then you significantly increase the probability of hallucination.

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The response_format doesn’t seem to support a JSON array, which is quite odd. Or am I missing something?

because for now it is openbs . Wait a year . it is just easy money for them now .

Will the upcoming store or other features like GPT-4V be removed with the new leadership?

There have been no official communications that would indicate any change in the previously announced product rollouts.


Ive been flagged! Feels like popping my cheery for the first time and pretty cool actually - but having just watched Sams opening keynote, well I am humbled. Brought to my knees with my head bowed in awe actually. I am a world class Branding and Design expert with three decades of work to show for my sins - getting people to want to buy things they don’t need. from fast Fashion to guzzling Automotive, T shirts to Drinks. To buy from Food stores to Banks, Governments to NGO’s, Publishers to Websites - I have in some part played a roll in taking the Earth to the brink. Now I want to spend what time I have in giving back, not because I am a rich philanthropist but more because I choose to be a Budest!

Since graduating as an Architect and then from the Royal Accademy of Arts in London I have spent my time joyfully traveling the world of boardrooms - not start ups, to milk major Brands through Strategically driven Design.

So there openai, you have outed me.

Now I want to build a GPT that delivers to Designers, taking their talent and supporting them in building Brands across what I call the Six dimensions of Branding.

  1. Brand Positioning. (product evolution.)
  2. Brand Identity and tone of voice. (Communications, PR, SM and Advertising)
  3. Environmental Design, (Architecture and Interior design.)
  4. Digital ecosystems.(Apps&Websites)
  5. Staff Training “OnBrand”
  6. Earth. ( Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Smelling and sensing what mother Earth will feel as a stakeholder in design governance, thinking, detailing, manufacturing and sales.)

By integrating all six of these to design holistically with one signature, that of the newly emerging Brand, we can elevate the quality of design everywhere, for everyone, starting with my counterparts in Design.

Im not a programmer, but I can drawer like a dream and think creatively like a sonofagun!

Having had my world elevated by open and ChatGPT, I want to now engage more fluently and in particular build a new business model designed for designers.

And I need help because “no man is an island” and because I don’t want to get flagged by this community again - unless I must.

So Im reaching out here for someone to help an old bloke who doesn’t code but dose still think - to build a high value GPT that may not be the most used or popular, but will enable a world of talented designers to design and build new brands. Brands that are worthy and meaningful, with utility and respect for the rock we dwell upon. Elevating the ordinary but only when it is right for our collective mother Earth.

Can someone good mentor me through to a my newly found need for this a new type of success?