New Limitation: ChatGPT Refuses to Parse Text Files

About 30 days ago, I asked GPT-4 to analyze a .txt file with 900,000 words. It conducted the analysis. Today, when I tried to analyze the same file, a limitation message appeared:

too much text

Google Gemini analyzed the file without any issues.

What is happening with OpenAI? It seems to get worse every day.

It seems like they are making all the wrong decisions to make the product worse. Maybe their focus is all on enterprise clients and they no longer care about a measly $20 a month that people like us pay.

It could just be a part of their algorithm. They have to created a general-purpose formula that captures EVERYTHING.

Could it be possible to split your files?

Certainly, I can split the file, but the point is that OpenAI used to do this for me.