New "info" role category for preloading prerequisite information

It would be nice to preload facts or info outside of the conversation, but known to all. I have been preloading bots with long conversations so it initially takes the bot a long time to process the thread. Would it be possible to introduce a new role of “info” that might make it easier for the bot to get up to speed on prerequisite information? Does the system role work in this respect? It was stated in the documentation that it doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the system role.

Hi @osarjeant, and welcome to the community!

I believe it does. @RonaldGRuckus explained this to me, although I have not tried to use it as a standing info precursor to chats yet.

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The system role has been working fine for this in Smart Connections Smart Chat feature that responds based on the content in your notes.

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The system role is what I’ve also been using for context. Although the docs indicate that the user has more authority, they are planning on changing that.

I’ve seen people add a name=“context” as well for GPT to understand slightly better.

The system role is GPT-4 seams strong, at least to me. OpenAI said the will make the system role stronger in GPT-3.5 in a future update.