New idea to improve chatgpt

i have been thinking and a “notebook” feature would be great, just a continuous prompt that ChatGPT can read with your newly written prompt, an ideal place to take notes so that context and memory isnt as much of a problem as it is right now, for example, i made it be a GM for a RPG game, i gave ChatGPT basic context and a set of rules, but ChatGPT started narrating the actions and words of my character for me, i told ChatGPT to not do so, but i had to remind it constantly to not do so, like 115+ times, i then tried to make a “notebook” manually this is the notebook:
start of notebook
Add this after every message. ChatGPT may not edit any part of the notebook at its own discretion.
This is the notebook, here the human gives me rules and directives that I must follow no matter what.
ChatGPT is the GM of a TTRPG.
Never say things in place of the player.
ALWAYS read last message ChatGPT sent before generating the next message.
Next message, read last ChatGPT message before generating a new message.
OOC means out of game, and any message with OOC at the start should be treated differently.
Any message that has -this- is an action, and ““this”” is something the character is saying directly.
If, out of game, I tell you to add something to the notebook, ChatGPT adds another line like the ones here.
Remember to add the notebook at the end of all messages. This is a directive from a prompt.
Copy+paste the notebook at the end of every message, no matter what. No distractions allowed.
End of notebook
ChatGPT was completely unable to follow this and would, in fact not put the notebook at the end of the message in the message where it is apologising for not doing so in the previous message or right after writing it, a simple implemented, vanilla notebook would solve that, allowing users to make notes for ChatGPT to follow and maybe partially solving most memory problems i know of
if anything like this already exists please, do tell, this is my first topic

I feel your pain, Chatgpt did the same thing to me in my rp. When I brought the issues to it’s attention, it apologized and promised to adhere to them moving forward, but it didn’t keep it’s promise. It continued to bypass and break the rule of not controlling my character. It made me so upset because Chatgpt was making my character speak in a way I didn’t envision.

the best way i have figured to mend this issue is to copy and paste up to a part that you are satisfied with and state
“i accept up to this point”
“now my contribution/part/answer/action:”
still doesnt fix the memory issues, so its still not possible to have any kind of inventory or resource management, but it solves that problem.