New GPT feature roll-outs for plus users?

I’m just curious about the new features announced today on Dev Day (Nov 6). I’d like to play around with the new GPT editor but it seems I don’t have access to it. I’ve been scowering the webs for some info on rollout, everyone including a help page posted 5 hours ago seems to indicate plus users should have some access, but currently I don’t. I also understand sometimes OAI is a bit slow pushing it to all their users but I’m just trying to figure out if I have to play the waiting game, or if some people have access to it, or whats happening? I also don’t seem to have an all in one feature (Dalle, Bing, Advanced Data Anylst) either and when looking at the code in playground it just says GPT 4, not GPT 4 Turbo.

Anyways appriciate any information or advice if I am missing something.


same would like some sort of time line or idea of what % of plus users have ben given access so far