New feature: sharing a chat

I have no Idea if I am doing this in the right section of the forum, but…
As I have been using chat gpt I started to develop some interesting chats, like roleplaying character, custom assistant, teacher etc. I woud like to have ability to share those chats with others, so other pepole can “play” with my chat that I created.
The Idea is that I am creating custom chat, for example, an OpenGL teacher, I will provide him with all necerary knowledge, and then I will send the whole chat to somone else to try it.
This also would begin new field of let’s say “prompt engineering”? that would be a “chat engineer”

You can do that with a Chrome Extension

So it is possible, can somone show me an example how it could be done in python api?

You can store the conversation in plain text file and share it as you want.