New feature request Enhancing ChatGPT with User-Centric Organizational Features

Greetings, fellow visionaries and enthusiasts of AI!

I’m writing to propose an enhancement or two, to our beloved ChatGPT interface that I believe will significantly enrich our user experience. Imagine a world where our interactions with ChatGPT are not just linear conversations lost in the ether of digital space, but organized repositories of knowledge, categorized by content, themes, or projects.

The ability to share a link from and between chat histories for the juxtaposition of numerous related chats enhancing the outcomes of the next session, permitting users to access or combine past interactions content improving project work flow.

Picture a left-hand menu option in our ChatGPT window, elegantly designed, where one can seamlessly organise, categorise and file conversations. This isn’t just about order; it’s about transforming our chats into a personalized library of wisdom. The ability to sort related chats and access past interactions based on content or project similarities would be a quantum leap from our current chat history experience.

Why, you ask? Because it changes the game from mere interaction via a chronological search of a list, to a journey of accumulating and revisiting knowledge. It empowers us, the users, to efficiently access our dialogues, promptly locating the information we desire from the superb solution that is Chat GPT .

Let’s rally together and bring this vision to the notice of the great minds at OpenAI. Your support and further thoughts on this idea would be invaluable!

Together, let’s shape the future of AI interaction!