New Feature Chat Labels for Search functionality

Have you ever thought about organizing your Chat GPT conversations by assigning tags to them?

With a virtual “board”, you could effectively categorize, sort, and filter your chats.

This would enable you to easily separate your trivial searches from the important ones and locate your previous chats with ease.

The MVP would be just labels to the chat, and search using labels.

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@chatgpt I’d love a search button like in the image attached below, so I can search through my already very long chat!

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Amazing they don’t have this or some kind of filter or folder system but I know why they are doing it will clogg the system up but seems brutal its on the mobile app but it only searches up to 7 days not helpful at all

Check out prompt strong box I can’t even buy it though I tried

Great idea, its not working though I just accessed it and can’t rename the folders or send the magic link

Its also causing issues on page loading it uses alot of RAM?

This person just spammed the forum with a half dozen links in minutes, and the entire account is just enticement to install software.

Do not trust ChatGPT “extensions”. ChatGPT accounts are a targeted asset of many intrusion campaigns.

I would not just uninstall the non-functional extension with unexpected computation use – I would go to the login screen of ChatGPT and change your password.

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Hey! I made a site with the search function you asked for. Visit It also has more cool features like switching models during chats, pay-as-you-go pricing, and editing ChatGPT responses. I’m going to make major improvements to the AI interaction interface if I can find paying users for the current prototype.