New “block” for text to be copied

This seems like a no-brainer, yet it is still unsolved. Everytime you ask GPT to write something for you, it’ll respond: “Sure, here it is…” and then give what you have asked for. So, everytime you need to copy anything from GPT you have 3 options:

  • Select text and copy,
  • Copy the whole answer by clicking on the copy button and delete the “Sure” part,
  • Ask, along with what you’re asking, for GPT to not respond to what you’re asking for, and just produce the outcome you need.

There is one simple way of fixing all this: creating a “text block”. Similar to a code block, but made for reading, so it has a better fortmatting. But it should be a block within itself, so that GPT writes whatever written material that it is asked to write inside this block, which then can be copied by clicking on a button, just like a code block.

This seems like a feature that needed to be on GPT since its launch. I’d love to see it implemented.