New Assistants: “browse with Bing” ability?

Any update? Do we have the “Browse with Bing” feature in the latest openai update? Thanks

No update, there is no internet access method added to Assistants so far. We’ll have to see what that radar mentioned above detects as useful.

hi. @logankilpatrick.

thank you for your comment on this thread. I’m a paying user.
Many people are looking forward to the ‘brows with bing’ tool being available in the API.
I’m sure you guys are working on it, and I hope it’s released as soon as possible.
I would also like the API to have the ability to have reference URL information.

Thanks rsbeare’s code, it works.
In the test, I found 2 things.
Bing Search just provide brief and url in the result, and GPT completion API will NOT read the raw data of the url. So, the summary or response of the query is not good enough.

So I will try insxlnz’s code, to use Tavily search which contain the raw data. And forwards to the completion API. But the context windows is another consideation if the prompt including the raw data.

Any thread or page where we can see the roadmap or “features” being worked on? Thank you for posting the limitations link. Having a stream of outputs would help reduce costs, specially for those of if using Lambdas to run our apps.

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hi. @logankilpatrick.
On January 25, 2024, OpenAI announced that they would be releasing GTP-4 Turbo within the next few months.
Will the browsing support limitations be lifted at that time?
We very much hope that browsing will be available in the next release.

I totally agree. A lot of developers are waiting for the Browsing tool in the API.

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The browsing tool has no release date. I would not be surprised if it is never publicly released due to copyright reasons.