New APIs are great, but what about the rest?

Ok, I’m probably alone in this but hear me out.

Yesterday I was super excited to try the new APIs, not to speak of the cost reduction!!
Turns out that unless you are specifically building a chatbot, its use has several limitations (I’m still exploring). But for my project, I specifically need to fine-tune in order to get a very particular “tone”, which no amount of prompting will do.
I fear that with all the hype and focus on this new chat API, the other models will be left in the dust, with super high costs (looking at you, fine-tuned davinci). And don’t get me started with Codex… at this point would be fair to at least come clean and say it is an abandoned project. As a developer, its not nice to not know if something is still being developed or not, and what we can expect out of it for the future.

Ok, rant over :slight_smile: