New Alpha chat window bugs?

Seems like there is an update to the alpha chat window.
Problems I’m seeing:

  1. Very very slow - takes forever to call plugin.
  2. Has trouble displaying url annotations (used to always show small images for urls used, now often times out with placeholder icon).
  3. No longer displays the orange box showing it is calling the plugin. Nicer user experience, I guess, but minor hassle for developers (at least me)
  4. timeout seems to have changed - seems to be willing to wait longer for plugin response.

Maybe most of this is just general OpenAI chatGPT overload this morning?


The box vanishing was very confusing. I thought for certain I had messed up my code and had been furiously reiterating, lol.

Unfortunately, the nice boxes have been replaced by flashing cursors…

yup. annoying, isn’t it.
Maybe openAI could put a message in the plugin forum when they do an update?

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Is someone building a home floor layout plugin? :wink: Look forward to playing around with it when you release

:slight_smile: messing around with home automation and realised I could send back an image showing the house.

Just a proof of concept to see what’s possible at the moment. But there are some quite powerful possibilities. You can build in some interesting intelligence - e.g. when the user leaves a room turn off the lights.

You could imagine various things talking to each other using text and ChatGPT (or some other language model) coordinating everything.

how about a plugin with a local vector store for family image recognition?

Who’s that on the porch?