New AI App, but, not sure what to do next

So, I created an AI chat style app, but, I did it in C++. It doesn’t use any outside libraries, meaning, it’s a complete static build. With it, you define how you want to use it, ask a question, and get a response. Doesn’t need a browser, doesn’t need Python, no cookies, because it’s an C++ application. You might think, well, it’s just another GPT, but, not really.

It depends on the user getting an API key to use it, so, there are no other costs involved, too. Ya know, whatever the user decides on spending to use it.

So, my question is, what do I do now? Is this worth marketing?

My apologies for being so vague in describing it…

Hey there and welcome to the community!

While this is a very cool thing, and I always love projects like this, you have to consider some things:

If it’s all local install, it’s going to be tough to turn it into a sellable product, because the source code is already there. It’d be more of a useful open-source github repo. Otherwise you’d be stuck trying to ensure you have no memory-related vulnerabilities that expose the app to outside influences.
If you’re dead-set on making a service, it’s still typically advised to containerize it and distribute it virtually.

The next step is to compile it into untrustable code that requires active network access, and then ask for user credentials that allow a bad actor to steal services… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Or provide that backend.

I also contemplated this space, making a nice client, but it is either give script away or be closed and sketchy.

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This feels like the entire solo-preneur dev process in one paragraph lol.

Also, clearly it sounds like all of us ask the same questions regarding this.

Of course, I always chime in with the Rust stuff, but there is tauri, which can mitigate some of the pain.

Yea, well, the code is solid. It is a local install, which has a magnitude of flexible uses. You are not limited like with Windows 11 Co-pilot, for example. This app was originally developed and used to add AI to another application. But, it turns out it is really useful by itself.

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Like your sense of humor… :wink: fortunately, it doesn’t use scripting. So, none of that can happen…

thanks for the tip, but, it won’t work in any those environments. The only thing it uses is a library for talking to the API and it’s done directly… again, I have to be vague…

so, I am getting a sense of what I need to do… so, thanks…

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