New actualization is killing the chat

Hi!! I hope someone takes a little time to read this…but as a person living in Brazil, and I believe many others in similar situations in other countries face the same issue, paying $20 per month is very expensive. Our currency has a much lower value compared to the dollar, which makes the cost about five times higher, resulting in approximately 100 Brazilian reais. This amount represents about one-tenth of our minimum wage. I think it would be very helpful if you could consider reducing this price, or at least offering a trial period with a more affordable cost. This would allow more people to use the tool and enjoy its benefits, which can greatly improve their lives. For example, I use ChatGPT a lot to learn new things, and I feel it is truly changing my life for the better thanks to artificial intelligence. A tool as good as ChatGPT should be accessible to everyone, as it has the potential to revolutionize people’s lives in a very positive way. Although I am grateful for the free service of GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is indeed much, much better. I am sure that if I could afford it, I would pay for it and use it to change my life, maybe even to start a business, because GPT-3.5 is very limited, but GPT-4 is on another level. Furthermore, I believe that incorporating advertisements into the ChatGPT experience could be a viable solution to keep it completely free, similar to platforms like YouTube or Instagram. This would involve displaying ads either when opening the app or after certain interactions. I am the biggest fan of OpenAI, and I believe they have already revolutionized the world. This text was generated by the Chat itself to allow me to express myself, and the result was perfect. I apologize for the lengthy text. Well exaclty now I just discovered there is even a limit of how much I can send questions and interact with it and I really think that is a huge throwback…guys you will already change the world, do it for the future not about the money…I really wish to send this t someone from the team but it seems impossible, anyone have an email or something like that to give me at least hope. I really love GPT from openai, is the best on by far