New account, insufficient quota

i have created a new account, i create a subscription, and then goes to azure open ai to create new element, first try i get an error name already in use, then i try again changing the name but all the time get error

“code”: “InvalidTemplateDeployment”,
“details”: [
“code”: “InsufficientQuota”,
“message”: “Insufficient quota. Cannot create/update/move resource ‘tartesso26’.”
“message”: “La implementación de la plantilla "Microsoft.CognitiveServicesOpenAI-20240602212106" no es válida de acuerdo con el procedimiento de validación. El id. de seguimiento es "bcbe9a66-ac08-48b5-998f-f6b91fd90821". Vea los errores internos para obtener más detalles.”

what can i do?

Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried checking your quota?

Without code or more details, it’s hard to help. :wink:

If you’re trying to use OpenAI on Azure, you have to get approval from Microsoft first before you can provision anything.

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