Need to have expanded left panel for GPTs and GPTs mode

Please introduce expanded left panel for GPTs and GPTs mode.

  1. Need to have always expanded left panel that I can quickly pick GPT.(please introduce search and groups)
  2. Please introduce GPTs modes.
    I have 2 GPTs, 1st convert any text to json, second convert any text to yaml.
    I need smooth work, that use put his I put and get converted result, nothing else, no chatting, easy, fast and user friendly.
    But I have a lot of similar GPTs, with similar.prompts, and it’s very hard to support all of them.
    Please introduce GPTs mode.
    GPT mode, in mentions we will have one more search/select, for mode.
    That user can find GPT and choose mode, maybe even one GPT will appear twice in search with different mode. And edit of this GPT will be as one GPT in one window.
  3. Please introduce UI sandbox for GPTs and ChatGPT that developers can improve GPTs UI and ChatGPT.
    Like custom ChatGPT for each person.