Need help with creating custom use case similar to preset option in playground

I need help with creating custom use case generator for brief.

i want to create a similar tool that is available in playground of openi that is called preset. I we give examples we had aoption to save preset and use it anytime. I want to make similar thing help me to do that how it works and how to makeone

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Welcome to the forum!

If I understand correctly, you’re trying to make a GPT-3 tool that has presets like the playground?

What have you done so far? What language are you using?

Yes right. Im using Python and Django And haven’t started yet I want to know the logic behind presets how it works how it gets added to preset list

Thankyou for your reply please help me with the same if you can

I imagine it would be as simple as storing the prompts in a database then making them available to the user after they select one. I’m more of a PHP guy, though.

Have you tried using Codex to help you out?

Yes i did tried, but codex is not that much helpful for me but I got a basic idea with chat gpt probably I’ll create it now