Need a front-end for my 'API'

Just recently I discovered this subforum and I love to see all the innovations you are coming up with, truly inspiring to be part of this movement, even if its in the smallest bit.

I am looking for someone I can collaborate with on this project.

I have logic in Python code that can act as an API on a server. I want to connect a frontend to this API using Javascript to make a simple chrome extension.

There are only a few transfers back an forth until the script is completed. Basically the script is Python logic that waits for the keys and tokens (input), adds merchants data (from Shopify) and shows this on screen (output). The user can select one/many/all product(s) and this data submitted to the API (input). The API completes the process and send a complete signal (output).

It should be pretty simple, yet my javascript knowledge lacks and I don’t have the time to learn a new language. I would love to get in contact with people that thrive where I lack.


Fahad al Taye

Welcome to the forum. I’m booked up at the moment, but good luck in your search.

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Is your goal to create a proof-of-concept prototype or are you aiming to develop a production-ready, with this project?

The goal is to just create a proof of concept. A MVP opens doors to better opportunities.

So please send me more detail, I will give it a try as soon as I have time.

I can help you with it. I am a front end developer