"Navigating History and Templatizing Prompts: Elevating ChatGPT"

I would like to provide feedback on two potential enhancements that could substantially improve the user experience with ChatGPT.

1. Prompt History Navigation in Input Field: In terminal interfaces such as CMD, Powershell, Bash, and others, users can scroll through their command history by simply pressing the up and down arrow keys, allowing for quick recall of previously used commands. It would be beneficial to incorporate similar functionality into ChatGPT’s input field. This would enable users to swiftly navigate through their previous prompts using the up and down arrow keys, reducing time spent retyping identical or similar prompts.

2. User-Defined Prompt Templates: Many users utilize ChatGPT for routine tasks such as email drafting and sentence rewriting. These tasks often involve the use of identical or very similar prompts.

Consider, for instance, a daily scenario where a user wants to send a progress report email to their team lead. They could have a prompt like the one below:

Could you assist me in creating an update email to send to my team lead? The email should highlight the tasks I accomplished today. I would appreciate your help in drafting it. Specifically, I request your assistance in rewriting the email I have composed into a version that is clear, polite, and professional.

Email: User pastes the email they drafted here

To further streamline this process, I propose the introduction of a scroll-down icon in the ChatGPT text input field. Upon clicking this icon, ChatGPT would display a list of user-predefined template prompts, all customizable by the user. This feature would reduce the time spent on routine tasks and provide a more personalized and efficient user experience.

In my experience as a daily user of ChatGPT, these features could save a significant amount of time and increase productivity.

Hey @rajasuryars your suggestions are amazing. I’m working on a project to tackle User-defined prompt templates. I’d love to hear more about what you’d want to see so I can make sure what we’re building addresses it.

Up to chat for ~15 minutes? My email is madeleine@allma.io, I’ll work around your schedule. Or here’s my calendly calendly[dot]com/madeleine-reese/meeting

You can also check out the project here: allma[dot]io

Thanks, I appreciate your time + happy to build out prompt templates for you, if helpful!

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Hey @rajasuryars ! I actually recently wrote a tampermonkey script to solve for this! You can use the ⌘ + arrow keys to switch between your history. Feel free to edit the script as well if you aren’t a fan of the key modifier choices.