My whole account restarted. probably an update error, Help please

hi, I wrote to the email and sent pictures of my account and evidence of its reset. I would like to ask for help.

Emails: (DSA-users@openai, [my email])
hi, I have a problem that my account restarted, I was already on tier 3 and had accumulated about 30 dollars (a little less after a few days of use). no problem proving it (account statement). May I ask what the problem is? Maybe some bad update? I will also write the last and penultimate payment so you can check it (22/06/2024 - 36.30 USD) and (13/06/2024 - 24.20 USD) I have been using your GPT for over a year, I am learning how to program the program, I am self-taught. Please help and refund my tier3 and 25-30 USD to my GPT account. The payment card is in my name Viktor Valina.

Thank you for the quick processing, best regards, Viktor Valina
next email:
I also have a screen from the open window here, even before my account was restarted (use history, Tier 3 and money about 25-30 dollars). I’ll try to find some more screenshots if I don’t have any. I also found an old screen when I started using your GPT in 2023. So maybe this will be enough as proof, + you certainly have my activity in the database, which was not at all small.

my user email is this (

ps: I would appreciate any help or advice on how to contact someone who can help me. I’m mainly concerned about my tier3, I want to buy another 30 dollars today, but I’m afraid that it won’t be deleted again. so I’m asking for some help, thanks to everyone who can give me advice.
I need help. please i need to find out if it’s a bug or where the problem is so i’m not afraid to buy tokens again. because I lost something under 30 dollars and tier 3 … I left about 500-700 dollars in GPT, so I hope you can advise me.

i need help, it’s been 4 days and still no response. I’m mainly concerned about my Tier.

great, today I was charged 74 dollars out of nowhere … I changed my password and logged everything out … can you tell me how this is possible? I will deny this payment with my bank…