My model shows to allow fine tuning, but fails to fine tune

I’m working on building a learning-curve analysis, in which I evaluate the performance of my fine tuned models as I feed more data to it.

When training my first model with 20% of the data, I check the model metadata and I see that allow_fine_tuning is set to true, but if I create a FineTuningJob based on that model I get the error:

Model {my_model} is not available for fine-tuning or does not exist.

How can I automate this process? Is there any other API end point that allows me to check if my model is ready to be fine tuned?

Welcome to the forum.

You cannot fine-tune a previously tuned model with the new models… They’ve said this feature is likely coming this Fall, so stay tuned.


Ah, I see. Thanks a lot for the information!