My google account was banned, how can i stop subscribe gpt-4?

(main question is listed in the topic)
my google account was banned (and it seems that it has very few possibilities to recover). However, I have already subscribed gpt-4, and it is still deducing my card’s money. So how can I stop subscribing gpt-4 without logging into my account?

Is this about a ChatGPT Plus account?

oh yeah, the plus. (20 dollars one)

Sorry to say the proper way to do this has a bug (at least for me and many others) and I don’t know of a work around.

The proper way is noted in

How do I cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription?

However many of us do not currently get the Manage my subscription link.

You might try sending a message via the help bot but that often does not get a real person, which is needed in this case.

In the lower right click image to see something similar to

After that your guess is as good as mine.

I don’t expect this to help but it is the only remaining recourse you might have. If you delete the ChatGPT Plus account you might not ever get one back using that phone number.