My fine-tuned model does not appear in the Playground

Hello there !

I am starting trying out the Open AI platform (honestly, so great, having so much fun on it) !

I am starting to meddle a little bit with the fine-tuning process to see if I can try out some stuff. I created a fine-tuned model which was a success.

Only problem, I would like to test it out on the Playground when creating my assistant as it is mentionned on the documentation but I don’t find him on the available model list.

Capture d'écran 2024-02-05 165558

Am I looking at the right place ? Is it available only through APIs ?

Thanks again and have a nice day :wink: !

Like there is a section for “chat” in the drop-down, there should also be a section for “fine-tunes”.

If you trained a completion base model such as davinci-002, it would need the playground in completion mode.

You can’t make it appear if it doesn’t want to be there…

List fine-tune models by API:

from openai import OpenAI
starts_with = "ft:"

client = OpenAI()  # uses OPENAI_API_KEY from environment
model_obj = client.models.list()  # API call

model_dict = model_obj.model_dump().get('data', [])
model_list = sorted([model['id'] for model in model_dict])
filter = [model for model in model_list
          if model.startswith(starts_with)]


Hello ^^

Thanks for your answer. I trained my model under gpt-3.5-turbo-1106. Definitely no section for fine-tunes in the dropdown.

Are there other rules for fine-tunes to appear in the Playground ? I can’t seem to find the “completion mode” option in the settings anywhere.

If fine-tuned models are not available directly through the interface, no problem , i’ll go to API but the documentation seems to show that they should be.


Alright, I just realized that fine tuned models are available in the Playground but I was trying to use them through the Assistants where they are not available.

So, I can access it ^^ Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day and thank you !