My debut book : LangChain in your Pocket is out

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my debut technical book,

LangChain in your Pocket: Beginner’s Guide to Building Generative AI Applications using LLMs

which is available on Amazon in Kindle, PDF and Paperback formats.

In this comprehensive guide, the readers will explore LangChain, a powerful Python/JavaScript framework designed for harnessing Generative AI. Through practical examples and hands-on exercises, you’ll gain the skills necessary to develop a diverse range of AI applications, including Few-Shot Classification, Auto-SQL generators, Internet-enabled GPT, Multi-Document RAG and more.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step code explanations with expected outputs for each solution.
  • No prerequisites: If you know Python, you’re ready to dive in.
  • Practical, hands-on guide with minimal mathematical explanations.

Find the book here :


Congratulations on completing your book!

I felt the Packt book “Generative AI with LangChain” was fairly good. Not perfect yet better than many books that have been self-published on related topics.

Have you read the Packt book / any suggestions on how yours compares?

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Thank you for your acknowledgement. Although I haven’t had the chance to delve into Packt’s book, I believe my content stands out for a few reasons:

  1. I provide step-by-step code explanations accompanied by expected outputs for all the concepts covered.

  2. I aim to make my material inclusive by requiring no prerequisites; if you know Python, you can seamlessly dive into the content.

  3. My guide is crafted to be a practical, hands-on resource, minimizing the use of complex mathematical explanations. This makes it ideal for both tech and non-tech individuals who are eager to explore GenAI.

  4. When looking at the TOC for the Packt book, it appears a bit general to me and doesn’t highlight whether the burning GenAI topics like Few-Shot Learning, AI-Agents like AutoGPT, RAG & Vector DBs, ReAct prompt framework are even covered or not. My book has a very clear-cut TOC shedding light on what to expect

  5. The Packt book is way more costlier. Hence not accessible to everyone. “LangChain in your Pocket” is affordable and has a nominal price.

  6. There are no fillers in this book. Nothing has been done to unnecessarily increase the book’s length

Having devoted 4-5 years to blogging and vlogging on Data Science and AI topics with a cumulative million views, my focus has been on cracking the code of explaining technical concepts to beginners and non-technical readers. I steer clear of jargon and ensure that the language remains simple to enhance the learning experience for a diverse audience. I hope this sheds light on the thoughtfulness and inclusivity embedded in my approach.

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That sounds like an excellent mission statement for your approach, congratulations again on completing the process!

Are you familiar with the sites to promote new books in exchange for reviews? You may be interested in something similar to help generate interest / exposure.

I’m interested in a link to your blog to learn more about your writing.

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Thank you so much for showing interest. Please let me know how this book can be promoted. My YouTube channel & medium publication goes by “Data Science in your Pocket” (l don’t know why I can’t insert hyperlinks). Kindly Google search, you should get it.

Can we further talk about the book review on Or if you can forward ur mail id?

Thanks and regards
Mehul Gupta

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Also, is there a way you can help me in promoting this book? It would be great help☺️

Sure, I’ll write you and help if I can.

For anyone else that stumbles on this post, @mehulgupta2016154 has a great video on RAG w/ChromaDB. One of the quickest/most straightforward RAG tutorials:

I see so many people who have problems with this and yet it’s so simple that it’s great you created a very simple/quick tutorial. Great work!

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Thank you so much🥰 Would love to forward you a free copy.

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Awesome! I was just looking for a book on LangChain, got got one from Amazon, ready to start learning!

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Thanks @honkhonk . Would love to know your views once you finish reading