My country was blocked this week. Finding an alternative?

After ~6 months of using chatgpt every day, I didn’t realise how dependent I’d become on it. I’m crippled! It’s affected my education, my work, even my personal life.

I’m still able to access via a VPN if I desperately need to, and I know lots of people do that, but it’s against the rules. Something I don’t think a lot of people realise is what a pain it is getting programs to route through proxies that weren’t designed for it. Programs I’d been using such as Lightrail, MemGPT, GPT-Engineer etc. Since I no longer really have access to programming anymore, I’m considering paying someone to help me bounce API calls off my own US server.

So I’m trying to navigate the secondary market for alternatives and it’s utterly confusing with all the options. Many of these are narrow use case, such as Talk to PDF, which basically sit as a middle man between users and OpenAI, and charge a subscription fee, with it not being clear if actually they’re using a local LLM such as LLama.

Another option for me is to get into local LLM use. But some of the software I use is tied to Mac, and I doubt he new M3 is fast enough, even with smaller models such as Mistral.

I wondered if there are other countries that will allow me access to their AI services? I believe China has recently developed something. Does anyone know anything about that?