My conversation somehow had other people's memory all of a sudden

I am asking questions in this conversation with Chinese and discussing programming only, and suddenly it started to answer me in English, I checked the memory settings and found some settings clearly not mine. The top two are my settings for sure, the remainders are not.

I’m a non 19-year old programmer who never once think about game developing especially art part and I never owned a PS1 console. So I assume these are other people’s settings. Apologize for cyber eavesdropping to whom actually owned these.

Have you ever logged into ChatGPT on a public computer?

never, personal computer and work computer owned by myself entirely

We have observed similar bugs with the ChatGPT conversation history previously.
Most of the time the issue disappears after a short period of time.
@elmstedt is making a good point though. You can try changing your password and setting up 2FA for good measure in any case.

Sorry to hear that you are affected by this.