My assistants files go missing

I am developing an app which can talk with 4 different assistants for a customer. They have provided me with a lot of documents. These 4 assistants have 30 files in total but when I try to upload the 21st document one of the older 20 disappears. I thought the 20 file limit was valid for each assistant. Is there an undisclosed limit of total files for assistants ?

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I think the way it is setup at the moment the 20 files is for that Organisation, not for each assistant.

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I can confirm I have more than 20 documents uploaded and I can see then in the ASSISTANT. It seems the FILES list only 20. But when I go to the Assistant I can see the files I attached (and the Assistant is using them). So just to confirm - apart from not seeing them in the list, which DOES seem to be limited to 20 files SHOWING - are you sure the files are not actually attached to the ASsistant? You can seem them (and click on them in the Assistant back end)