My account was deactivated after I subscribed to chatgpt-plus, and there was no reason

When I logged in to my old account today, I was prompted that my account was stopped. I like to use chatgpt very much. I just subscribed to chatgpt-plus two days ago and hope it can improve my work efficiency. I don’t know what policies and regulations I violated or the sensitive words I used to talk with gpt in the past. I may have inadvertently raised some sensitive questions when I first explored the use of chatgpt, but I did not use chatgpt to conduct any illegal activities.

Please help me restore the normal use of my account. I will ensure that I will strictly abide by the regulations and policies formulated by the platform during the later use of chatgpt.

If my request can’t be passed, can I refund my chatgpt-plus subscription fee? My account was blocked just after I subscribed.

My deactivated account number is , I hope that the administrator can handle my appeal

thank you.

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