My account was baned by unknown reason

Since I used ChatGPT on April, i was not use it anymore. Today I try to log in my account, the webpage shows that my account was banned.

What is the reason that OpenAi staff disable my account and how to fix it?

Yesterday there was some kind of meltdown related to logins. I also was told I was blocked by Cloudflare. Could not get in. It has gone now, but today I’m getting “Our systems are a bit busy at the moment, please take a break and try again soon.”

I’m a Plus subscriber ffs - what am I paying for?!

OpenAI Status

There’s some kind of outage at present:

Investigating - ChatGPT is currently unavailable for most users, and may be slow to load. We’ve disabled login while we recover the service.
Jul 12, 2023 - 07:43 PDT

Same issue but this topic was yesterday and it WAS working for me yesterday and now I am being told that I am blocked.

OP, is this still a problem?

no one expect OpenAI staff will know the reason why they ban user’s account. And no any reply for this even we post a chat here.