My account is hacked - changed password multiple times

I have been reporting this for months via the chat and no one gets back to me or they email me and tell me nothing is wrong.

I have changed my password multiple times and still someone elses chat is appearing in my history.

Even worse I updated the custom instructions to only answer questions about real estate and 20mins later the custom instructions are updated with crypto info.

I delete and readded my instructions and then not long after the checkbox ‘apply to new chat’ is turned off.

All the while new chats are appearing in my account which aren’t mine.

There was also previously share links in my account - again not me, I deleted these also.

I have reset my password numerous times, I don’t understand how this can be happening. I am paying for a premium account.

I don’t understand why no one from openai is responding to this issue

Someone can have persistent connections as long as they don’t themselves log out.

Contact via the assistant, and click until you are able to send a message to staff, explaining the need for all sessions to be terminated so continued abuse of your account doesn’t continue.

Also, consider if you have malware where someone can simply look at the keyboard log of your machine and get your new password back out.

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