My account has been damaged, please help me repair account

I don’t understand why this problem has suddenly appeared.
My account is suddenly unavailable, shows the message “You do not have an account because it has been deleted or deactivated” Please find out what the reason is and how to restore it, thank you very much.

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I understand that your account has been deleted, but I have one concern. To use OpenAI’s services, you need to be located in one of the countries, regions, and territories OpenAI currently support access from.

Therefore, if you have created an account from a country or region that is not yet listed in the provided URL, you will not be able to create an account at this time.

In that case, you will need to wait until OpenAI can provide services in your country, region, or territory. Do you have any questions about this point regarding the deletion of your account?

I have removed the email address from the title because it constitutes personal information. I believe that this action and the reinstatement of the account are unrelated matters. Therefore, please bear with this title for the sake of protecting personal information.