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Hey everyone, I am the founder of Integrated Predictions and architect of, a Modular GPT-3 (and many other AI) Workspace for pre-tuned Prompts with simple user input.

We launched 1 month ago, and in that time have made big strides in “getting it right”. Our platform is still in its infancy, but we have some big surprises coming up.

In an effort to make the best product, we are giving out free trials and have lowered our prices dramatically to encourage more feedback. If you have a moment and want to check it out, I would greatly appreciate feedback either on here, through our feedback button in-app (leads to Google Form), or at - The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thanks for reading!

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Image Annotation and Synthesis are on the burners, and we are working to ensure DALL-E has a seat at our table on day 1. We already use DALL-E replicas to flesh out our control harnesses for the orchestration, but we don’t expose them to users because quite honestly they are not ready.

Muse has voice synthesizers, personality controllers, topicality sensors and adjustors, and lots of little orchestration bits that keep things “tight”. It also has connectors for systems like Galiboo, Izotope, and other music summary and synthesis AI. Most of this is not yet available for public consumption on - big surprises coming though.

We are releasing a series of assets - plugins for your favorite apps, discord bots, website scripts, etc. that leverage MuseAPI (the underlying orchestration platform). These assets will be directly tied to our IP File Cloud, allowing our users to create and reuse from any asset in our network.

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Will you be attempting to compose long form work ever? Such as writing entire novels or screenplays? As a writer myself, an editor bot would be fantastic. For instance, something that can recommend different prose styles or provide critical feedback on topics such as interiority, narrative summary, dialog, and exposition.

I did an experiment very similar. Bold was all I wrote.

Write the premise for a cerebral, contemplative scifi novel:

In a future where humanity has expanded into the solar system, a group of scientists aboard an interstellar research station, stranded and cut off from Earth, try to avoid a disaster that could wipe out all life on Earth. The New Earth is a book about one of the crew members aboard the research station, the consequences he faces when he’s the only one left alive, and his efforts to save Earth before it’s too late.

Write a theme for this novel:

The theme is that we need to take care of our planet, and we need to be more aware of what we do to it.

Create a name for the main character:

Peter Smith

Write a detailed backstory for Peter Smith:

Peter Smith was always interested in the outdoors, and was determined to make a difference. He studied hard, and was one of the few that got accepted into the prestigious interstellar research program. Peter was on the first mission to set up the research station on the moon. Then, Earth went dark. Now, Peter is the only one left alive on the station. He has to find a way to get back to Earth and save it before it’s too long.

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This is a great idea, and something I will have our Prompt Engineers start thinking about.

We have released some Writing Skills. They are still short form as we work out some kinks, but we have a Response Continuation system inbound (allows you to insert some more text and have Muse finish up another paragraph or so) and a system called Flow, which takes a response from one Skill and injects it smartly into the next Skill.

Essentially, a writer would use the tool to ideate, then Flow their favorite idea to an Outliner, Body Composer, Summarizer, etc. As the document builds, you will be able to continually edit and inject your own text and images, which will Continue the process along until the next Flow is hit, or speed it up and let Muse drive to completion so you can do one major edit session on it.

I would expect to see these two features in the next week or two.

We will be releasing more elaborate, specifically tuned Assistants via Plugins for Office Suite, Evernote, Wordpress, etc. These will all be connected to our User Accounts and their File Cloud that we are providing starting tonight. So, if you build it on MuseCCA and need it in Outlook, its already there for you.

Additionally, we are putting in Social Media Connectors so you can just push your content straight out into the wild (after you approve it, of course).

In due time, we expect to have Artificial “Employees” that businesses, freelancers, and consumers alike can employ to tackle mundane, tedious, or thought-intensive work.


Brilliant insight! We need to get our footer updated this weekend to include all of these things. We get very focused on the technology sometimes (bad engineers, bad!) and its good to get rewound a little bit to see some of the basics we missed along the way.

Keep an eye out for it, and I will let you know on this post when we get it out.

For community and communications sake: We use Auth0 as our login provider, only saving email and subscription IDs (in terms of PII) that we are given which we exchange for proper guids in our API. We do save a receipt of all input and returned responses, and intend to keep this data “sacred” (not for resale) to our systems. These receipts are on our backlog to expose to users for their own accounting, review, and history. Lastly, we use analytics suites like GTM to determine where our drop-offs are so we can better understand where we stopped (or never started) providing value.

Thanks for all the engagement you’ve given us!

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Hi, this looks great, but when I sign up and login it says “Integrated Predictions account: * Profile: access to your profile and email”
This is not good Privacy. Why should your company be able to access my profile (maybe OK) and email? Also what is an ‘Integrated Predictions account’? Is it part of MuseCAA or something else (eg, a different company). Please advise.

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback.

Integrated Predictions is the owning company of Muse CCA, so when you log into our products, you are really logging into our parent system, that way you can access your files from anywhere.

The information we collect that you are seeing is the standard recommended OIDC connect configuration, and is mentioned in our Privacy Policy found in the footer of our sites and products.

I hope this helps, and feel free to reach out on here or through (where the contact form you filled out goes to).

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Thanks Scott! My query was about how you access my email, what has OIDC connect configuration got to do with that? From a brand and trust angle, should be the active brand when doing a signup, not be an unknown new brand. Muse, not other one. Why should a new startup access my email (?!)