Multiple authentication options/schemes

My plugin has an effective anonymous / no auth usage mode, but is even better if users authenticate with oauth.

I don’t want to limit its applicability by requiring auth, so it would be great if plugins were able to support multiple auth methods.

I guess from a ui perspective a user installing the plugin could select anonymous or another auth method. I’m not sure how to make that side of it simple :grimacing:


+1 on this. Would be great to require auth for certain paths but not all. /cc @logankilpatrick

@rs for now this might provide a workaround: Consistent conversation id in a header?

I haven’t tested this myself so take it with a HUGE grain of salt. But in theory you could make certain path return 401 Unauthorized with a link to login. Once the user is logged in, record the conversation_id or the user_id and link it with the auth token on your server side. Future calls will just use the conversation_id/user_id as a proxy for the auth token