Monitoring performance in Production without accessing input data

Hi guys,

I am new to this field. So even if this is a dumb question, I request you to help me out. I am building a product and wanted to understand this.

I wanted to understand how you know if your application is actually useful and producing the necessary results once it is commercialized, other than explicitly asking for feedback from the user. Example: If I were to produce summarization reports based on a few pages of information, how would I go about understanding which set of users are able to get value from my summarization reports and which set isn’t and why is it so and what I need to do to improve the performance of the model. The complexity over here is that I do not have access to my user data and cannot store the input in my database.


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Welcome to the community @GK

A possible approach (without explicitly asking feedback) would be to embed feedback by design. E.g. a like/upvote button, comment functionality etc

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I was of the understanding that we can use Zero Knowledge based solutions for this. Did anyone try it out till now?