MongoDB Atlas Search for Similarity Search

I am also trying to do similarity search , I am new in this feild ,

I am storing my data for the similarity search

Sample of my data

Heading :"details about IDFC interest rate"

Title :"Can you provide information on the interest rate applied to personal l…"

content :"IDFC Bank offers personal loans with industry-best interest rates star…"

Vectorform:  Array (1536)

I have saved embedding for the “content” colum , I wan to to similartiy search between the “Title” and user query , i want to return “content”,

But some how my code doesnt return anything , i dont know why

db = client["dadadada"]
collection = db["dfvsvsata"]

# Define your search query
query = {
  "search": {
    "index": "MyFirstIndex",


# Execute the search query
results = collection.find(query)

# Print the results
for result in results: