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I am a Telecommunications Tech by day, and a Modern Black Inventor by night.
Mission 1:
Staffing the Black Inventors Bus

FACT: None of these Legacy Inventors had access to Artificial Intelligence. It would have blown their minds. BUT one thing that artificial intelligence can easily teach you is exactly how Black Folks created STEM. The coolest Scientific journey is about to begin and It Starts right now. I am reaching out and asking for some guidance and looking for a AI Mentor

I am about to make history. I am going to collaborate with another person and we are going to make history.

How Do I Train My Particular Artificial Intelligence Model? I want to train it Exclusively using Successful Modern Black Inventors. and the data from the USPTO.I need help to understand how to create this this Properly. Without Question there have been problems and Issues with people of color being issued patents. I would like to hear Anecdotes from the community to add to the Factual Data so that it will be balanced… BUT, I do not know how to make that happen.


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