- Deploy Multi-modal AI workflows without code

ML Blocks is a node-based workflow builder to create multi-modal AI workflows without writing any code.

You connect blocks that call various visual models like GPT4v, Segment Anything etc. along with basic image processing blocks like resize, invert color, blur, crop and many others.

The idea is to make it easier to deploy multi-step image processing workflows, without needing to spin up endless custom OpenCV cloud functions to glue together AI models. Usually, even if you’re using cloud inference servers like Replicate, you still need to write your own image processing code to pre and post process image data in your data pipeline. When you’re trying to move fast, that’s unnecessary overhead.

With ML Blocks, you can build a workflow and deploy the whole thing as a single API. AFAIK, ML Blocks is the only end-to-end workflow builder built specifically for image processing.

And here’s a quick screenshot: