Misuse of moderatior permissions in the Discord server

From disagreeing with someone with two dozen pronouns to explaining the basics of LLMs, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you disagree with a mod in the Discord or they decide they think they’re cooler than you, they will mute you, and they’ll find some Whacky-McSmacky reason to log it under.

This has been an issue for a while and is seemingly completely unchecked. Just a few hours ago I literally just saw a mod start an argument with another user and then right click → ban him after he ran out of valid points. I really wish I had the mod’s name, but the problem is wide enough that it doesn’t matter.

It’s a jungle in there and someone at OpenAI seriously needs to step in to locate and to mitigate this kind of tomfoolery.

OpenAI, please sort out the volunteer mods and regain control of the shards of what’s left of the Discord community. The amount of mods just muting / banning whoever they don’t like and the amount of people arguing just for the razzle-dazzle of it is way out of hand.


I agree, it’s a place that has so many resources, however if you engage with the server in any way you’re tumbling through a land-mine of these moderators who wake up on the wrong side one day and decide to abuse their position.

The system of handling incidents is deeply corrupted, you’ll just end up talking to the same person you had a disagreement with, and even if it goes beyond that it’s a surface level effort while they’ll just make sure they don’t look bad or whatever

Sadly this is the only venue to voice these concerns in @Foxabilo

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Please note that Discord is NOT the same as this forum which is Discourse.

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I don’t know if they’re sharing volunteers between the two platforms, but it’s certainly way more properly controlled / better in here than in Discord

AFAIK none of the non-OpenAI employee Discord moderators are a moderator here.

As long as the post conform to the OpenAI policies, the Discourse policies and do not attack an individual and are of value to an OpenAI developer we tend to leave them. Politely venting is allowed but carefully watched here.

However I will note that if this post does turn into something that is not of value to OpenAI developers I can take some action. Note: I am not an OpenAI employee.

At present I have no significant issues with this topic but some words should be changed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately, a warning to never contribute to or interact with the Discord community is of great value to developers; as stated there are a lot of resources there so all of us gain a lot from having access, but also a lot of people and offices IP banned over some extremely questionable stretches in reasoning over seemingly honest contributions to the community.

I’m surprised they didn’t give you a badge! I swapped out some of the meanie weanie words for fun words. It’s hard to write nicely when you’re mad.

I would’ve already been banned if this were the Discord so I can promise you I’ll be behaving myself. I’m not here to disrupt or cause drama, I just want to encourage the folks in charge to make some changes as to who is issuing penalties in the Discord and why.


Logan made me a moderator here with another then added a third moderator later, then demoted us to category moderators do to changes on the forum to reduce our access so would could still handle flags, then about a week ago removed us as category moderators but has something else planned. Needless to say it does not matter what privileges I have to enforce rules, the right response often works just as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bro. Thank you :laughing: discord mods are power hungry fools. I was perma banned for demonstrating how to “jailbreak” (this was a while ago) ChatGPT IN A PRIVATE CHANNEL.

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I’ll make a quick comment on this one.

Discord Mods are the same ones from Reddit just a bit more fancy/RGB looking with a bit more oversight.

I had my 10 year old account on Reddit banned because I told a snowflake mod their perception of reality and what it should be is as useful as anti vaxx people saying they did their research, both lack fundamental understanding and the necessary qualification and training to gather, comprehend, and respond to the research.

He felt threatened. I first got forcefully referred to suicide hotline then when I went to bed, I had warning upon warning then in the morning Reddit reaching out and telling me in banned. Got my appeal rejected within I would say 2 seconds of submitting it.

So I understand your pain OP, it’s not you, it’s the idiots above that suck and we just need to live through this phase until Ai mods make our lives slightly better.

It’s nice of you to make clear at the very top that your opinion is worthless.

right but why is a moderator using his powers to enforce his own opinion, why even insert yourself in that way as a moderator? I guess that’s part of the problem, the feeling we get that makes us react so harshly to that subject, is something that probably should be set aside when making judgements when you’re in a position of authority

Having rules against bigotry is perfectly ordinary.