Missing some plugins in ChatGPT-4 Plugin store

I’m a plus user.
There are mssing some plugins such as HeyGen and ChatWithVideo in the Plugin store.
Please can anyone help me with this?

A quick internet search is all that is usually needed to find the contact info for a ChatGPT plugin.

e.g. ChatWithVideo

The plugins are made by independent developers and use the developer’s resources in order to provide the enhanced results.

There is a common problem, that if a plugin is modified by the developer and resubmitted for approval with the changes, the plugin is disabled until the new version is approved by the OpenAI team. This has taken a week or more.

Also, the developer might simply have discontinued the service or their interest in the project, having no way of paying for the costs of running the backend that powers the plugin by direct reimbursements.

I’m not sure if everyone has this issue, or if it’s just a problem for me. Can someone test it out?

It was “tested” in the screenshots above, with the named plugins not appearing.

That’s the issue I encountered, the question I raised. I want to see if others are facing the same issue right now.

If it’s really as you said, others probably can’t find those plugins either.

Sorry, I didn’t track that you were OP posting your own screenshots.

Where did you learn that these were ChatGPT plugins? Using the linked independent site that might have obsolete scraped data?

One would have to use and know a favorite plugin, and see it disappear to report back (and be paying the $20/mo). What we have here in the developer forum is instead developers concerned that their plugin disappeared when they submitted an update that needs approval – or other activities that would cause a similar symptom then seen by an end user.

It certainly is unlikely to be “just you”.

Youtube and Twitter.

Do you have time to test now? See if these plugins are in your Plugin store.

You already posted a website where you can press “contact” and email the developer to ask why it’s not in the store.


You can also ask why he wants undocumented money by stripe.