Missing capability in ChatGPT for retrieving images from uploaded PDF files

Enhancement Request: Image Extraction and Rendering from PDFs in ChatGPT


ChatGPT currently offers robust text-based processing capabilities, enabling users to interact with, query, and learn from text-based content across various formats. One common use case involves users uploading PDF documents from which ChatGPT retrieves and provides information in response to user queries. While this functionality significantly enhances the tool’s utility in text-based information retrieval, a notable limitation has been identified regarding the handling of non-text content, specifically images embedded in PDF files.

Identified Limitation

When users upload PDF documents containing both text and images, ChatGPT effectively processes and responds to queries based on the text content. However, the system lacks the capability to directly extract and present images embedded within these PDF files during a chat session. This limitation restricts the tool’s ability to provide a comprehensive response that includes visual aids or examples from the uploaded documents, potentially hindering the user experience in scenarios where images convey crucial information or context not available through text alone.

Proposed Enhancement

To address this limitation and enhance ChatGPT’s utility, we propose the development and integration of capabilities that enable:

  1. Direct Image Extraction: The ability to interpret the structure of PDF files, identify embedded image data, and extract this data for processing.
  2. Image Rendering in Chat Sessions: The capability to present extracted images directly within chat sessions, allowing users to receive visual content alongside textual information in response to their queries.

Implementing these capabilities would significantly broaden the scope of ChatGPT’s utility, making it a more versatile tool for users interacting with PDF documents that contain important visual content.

Potential Impact

Incorporating direct image extraction and rendering capabilities into ChatGPT would have several positive impacts, including:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Users would benefit from a more comprehensive and informative interaction with the tool, especially in contexts where visual information is crucial.
  • Expanded Use Cases: This enhancement would broaden the range of applications for ChatGPT, making it suitable for educational, professional, and research purposes where PDF documents are a primary information source.
  • Increased Adoption: By addressing this limitation, ChatGPT could see increased usage from users who require integrated text and image processing capabilities.


The ability to extract and render images from PDFs directly in chat sessions represents a significant opportunity to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality and user experience. We believe that pursuing this enhancement aligns with OpenAI’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in AI technologies.

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I agree with this and would love the ability for ChatGPT to return images from within a PDF.

Is this capability still missing with GPT4.o ?

It does seem to be missing from my testing with PDFs that have images. I also tested it with jpeg images in a word document. It returns nothing