Microsoft plans billion-dollar investment in AI firm chatgpt

The possibilities opened up by ChatGPT are now said to have attracted the interest of a major investor: According to media reports from the USA, which refer to informed but anonymous circles, Microsoft wants to invest ten billion US dollars in OpenAI. According to the report, Microsoft wants to take a 49 percent stake in OpenAI, but also collect 75 percent of the company’s profits until the initial investment is paid off. The latter is probably still a long way off, as OpenAI is really only generating costs at the moment. However, Microsoft could well integrate the company’s technology into its core business: into the search engine Bing or even into its Office products.

I was hoping for OpenAI to become the next Microsoft, and help us battle BigTech and win back our freedom.

I will not be using either ChatGPT or GPT if any BigTech buy a large fraction of equity.

Sad day for humanity :pensive: