Meta-info endpoint for plugins

I think it would be good best practice for plugins to have an endpoint where the user can get info about the plugin itself. Especially those plugins that authenticate the user, maybe charge for usage.

It can be a simple call that return some JSON with link to user portal, price, support email etc.

What do you think?


PluginLab does this for their partners plug-ins. I also have a help endpoint that does this, as well as a guided tour option. Highly recommend

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I’m using PluginLab, I don’t see them adding any endpoint.
They just intercept the existing endpoint when the quotas are reached.

For the paying users of a plugin there should be an easy way to get to the portal so they can cancel if they want to and manage their subscription. That’s why I think you need to add an endpoint.

Thanks for the heads up! They’re supposed post at the beginning. I’ll add that to the list for today.