Meta-GPT: A New Dawn in Accelerated Learning and Future Problem-Solving

I am done building a prototype Agent of Type “Meta-GPT”. It took one hour of conversation and some testing … It would be great to release to the community,

I think Meta-GPTs might be among the most important Type or Class to build… :fire:

I think we have a set of difficult problems that we need to solve in the next few decades or 1-3 centuries. We have some understanding of some of the problems and little understanding of others … But to “solve” or address these problems or to know what to and how to… build … or make… or organize… or revise… we first need to learn more … :sparkles:

For most of the human history learning has progressed at a slow rate… we have made it this far and among other things we have designed & built LLMs…

As part of designing LLMs like GPT-4, we had to think deeply about the process of " learning" and dynamics of “learning rates” among other “hyper-parameters” :sparkles:

I think now though the LLMs are about to modify our “hyper-parameters” and disrupt and introduce non-linear dynamics into our "learning rates " … :sparkles::fire::slightly_smiling_face: