Message cap / subscription policy?

I mean, i guess i could understand we can run into errors (not technically, really, i’m no programmer) but since we are restricted to 20 or 25 messages with chatgpt4 plus, we are basically paying for “image generation issues”, “high demand”, and all the other similar errors that are out of our power.

I’m pretty sure i noticed that all these errors just get added to the message cap.

How does it even work? if i create 25 messages in 3 hours, and 50 in 6 hours, can i also “wait” 15 hours because i know i’m gonna do other things, and then create 125 messages in one batch? or can i then still just create 25 after all those hours?

Is this situation being worked on? Or in what extent are we within our rights to possibly even request a refund? I feel like it’s not always “fair”.