Mathematical Notation Doesn’t Work on Mobile

For example, if you ask about what a one-to-one function is, it will explain the properties to you and will attempt to use mathematical notation like “\rightarrow”. On mobile that text never gets converted to the expected symbol, it just stays as text. On the web version of the app, this is not an issue.

What you show is the AI’s repeating of things not supported. \rightarrow is a markdown type of github, but not of this forum or ChatGPT.

AI has inferred what it can produce by ingesting a lot of text that may be hard to counter with OpenAI’s re-tuning procedures, although an eval could be submitted for cases.

This chat share will show you success in telling the AI how to output logic symbols. (and you can see the AI misunderstands what the user wants in the output)

You can take the LaTeX formatting instructions and add them to a custom instruction.

If you want to use the text by copy and paste, you can just state that logic right arrow must be represented by → which is “-->