MASSIVE difference between File upload vs drag-and-drop

When I do the manual drag-and-drop of a file into the prompt to upload to my assistant during a session, it is REMARKABLE how well it can analyze the data set

When I try to upload the same size file programmatically through a function call mid session, it is remarkable at how terrible it is.

I can’t seem to find any documentation to explain why the experiences couldn’t be further apart. This basically makes any dynamic data upload during a session DOA

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My guess is “Time” when you drag and drop you give the chunking and data embedding system time to process the file, when you programmatically upload it in real-time, you do not.

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Another angle would be that a manually attached file is added to the context window of the assistant in contrast to a file that has been added programmatically where the model reads only the first 1000 characters.

@brdemorin do you have Code Interpreter and retrieval enabled? Which model are you using?